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What is Multi Channel Ecommerce and How to Effectively Implement this Strategy

Increase your brand visibility and maximize your sales with a multi channel strategy! What is multi channel ecommerce and how to implement this strategy? Read and find out!

Finally, you can multiply your traffic sources and the number of visitors, you can increase your sales, and boost your profit! How? Easy, by implementing a multi channel ecommerce strategy!

But what is multi channel ecommerce?

Multichannel is a term used to explain having a traditional or brick and mortar store and establishing an online presence at the same time and providing various options to your potential customers to purchase your products. Today, there are different places and ways in which online customers decide to spend their money. In other words, multichannel means that you offer numerous channels of selling your products and helping your customers choose the most convenient way for them to buy your products and spend their money.

The options you can offer are divided into 4 different categories:

  • Ecommerce platforms: you can choose whether you want to use hosted or self-hosted platforms. To choose the perfect enterprise ecommerce platform for your online business.

  • Marketplaces: you can choose between Amazon and Ebay or both.

  • Social Media: there are different social media platforms you can use, however the most recommended ones are Facebook and Pinterest.

  • Offline sales: you can sell your products at your physical store, on trade shows, via phone, and etc.

The different ecommerce channels include email marketing, direct URL navigation or bookmarking, and affiliate marketing. You can also use a paid search which means purchasing traffic directly from search engines such as Bing or Google on a PPC or pay-per-click basis. The search engines can attract new visitors to your site and increase the overall traffic.

There are comparison shopping engines or also known as CSEs. There are more than 100 comparison shopping engines online and they offer different business models. You can find free models such as TheFind.com and Google Product Search, pay-per-click such as Shopzilla, Shopping.com, Nextag, and etc. The comparison shopping engines can also drive traffic to your site.

We can conclude that online shoppers have changed their shopping needs and behavior and they are looking for different options, when it comes to buying online. They want to have more options so they can pick the best one that suits their needs.

There are some great tips for effectively implementing the multi channel strategy:


There are so many startups and small businesses that focus on one or 2 channels only. Although these channels can help you attract new visitors and increase your sales, a focus on only one channel add a risk to your business or brand and it usually means that you are missing out on other pieces of the ecommerce pie.

Promote your products everywhere

Think of the ecommerce as a zero sum game which means that each customer will purchase from one retailer and that retailer will win the customer. If you don’t put your products everywhere you can’t win customers. If you don’t have a huge distribution of products, you are risking or losing great opportunities and your competitors will take advantage of this and they will gain all of the opportunities.

Build a portfolio of all ecommerce channels

Most powerful and successful online businesses and brands use a portfolio theory so they can minimize the risk of investment and maximize the sales. If you decide to use this approach and we highly recommend you to do it, you will have some channels that are low margin, high margin, some that increase traffic, and etc. You will have channels that are best for your business and you can decide better what suits you and what don’t.

Now that you know what is multi channel ecommerce strategy and how it works, use the strategy to increase your brand visibility and maximize your sales. The timing is everything. Hurry up!