5 Ways You Can Increase Sales with Point of Sales Systems for Small Business

The retail industry is changing. Businesses are being controlled by demanding customers with growing expectations and needs in terms of convenience, speed, and personalization. Convenience in how they can purchase, pay, and get the products, speed in getting their products as fast as possible, and personalization which allows them to feel as special as possible.

Brands and retailers worldwide are investing to understand and meet these customers. In this omnichannel age, innovation is no longer a luxury but a necessity. This is especially true in brick-and-mortar stores.

 POS solutions are also undergoing a profound change. They are no longer cashier machines but devices responsible for delivering a seamless shopping experience. For retailers, it is important to adopt new Point of Sales systems for small business that are aligned with today’s customer expectations.

Boost Sales with Modern POS Software Solutions

Here are some of the key elements that can help your retail store increase sales with the new generation of POS software solutions.

1.Deliver Flexibility

Customers today demand flexibility when purchasing online. This applies to the way products are presented and delivered. Various delivery options can be asked for by customers for convenience or proposed by sellers as a way to enhance service. For example, when a certain product is out of stock, the retailer allows the buyer to pick up the product during the next few days in the same store, pick the product in another store or send the product directly to the customer’s home. All these options require the POS system to be able to systematize and manage these special orders.

2. Clienteling

Clienteling is a combination of business processes sellers use to grow customer lifetime value through offering a personalized purchasing experience.

 In other words, clienteling delivers data to the associate allowing him to deliver a personalized experience that will enhance customer satisfaction, increase sales and revenue at the same time.

This is not a new trend but something that has gained more importance in the omnichannel sales strategy.

Clienteling ensures a single view of the buyers, with important details like customer profile, a summary of activity across different channels, wishlists, purchasing history, and more. This information can be linked with data about specific products and promotions for associated to complete sales.

The end result is increasing upselling and cross-selling possibilities.

3. Inventory Visibility

Inventory visibility has become a necessity for retailers interested in succeeding in an omnichannel strategy.

Omnichannel today is all about inventory optimization and technology. Inventory visibility across channels and stores is the main enabler.

Inventory visibility provides numerous benefits for both retailers and purchasers:
● Enables store inventory products to be available to fulfill online orders even when fulfillment centers inventories are vacant.
● Allows store associates to check system availability, find a product, and prepare it for delivery.
● Reduces markdown expenses by enabling some items to be sold (usually it is mislocated items).

Giving store associates a Point of Sale solution that provides you with inventory information across the business which can be used to inform the customer or to fulfill an order generated through online channels or in another store.

Adopting fulfillment strategies won’t be a problem anymore. Now you can focus on increasing sales, improving inventory turnover, and lowering markdowns.

4. Loyalty Management

Loyalty programs have one goal – reward purchasers to improve brand experience and grow sales. In today’s omnichannel surrounding, a true loyalty program will attract customer’s attention at the right time, through the right channel, at the right place, and with the right message. When using a Point of Sale system, this means several things, from the use of more traditional strategies like coupons, points management, special targeted promotions to availability of clienteling appearances. These aren’t new things but currently are being affected by consumer access through various channels. If you are familiar with the traditional loyalty programs you know that the basic rules are to transform customer purchases into a rewarding experience. There are points for each sale. Later, the customer can use the points to pay at the next sale.
The omnichannel loyalty programs today offer the option to redeem points in one channel that has been acquired in a different one – accumulated points at POS system that can be used in the online channel. Coupons are another common method used to reward loyal customers. Coupons are usually sent via text message, mail or on social media networks. Coupon codes are later given in store so a discount can be applied automatically.

5. Discounts & Promotions

The best way to increase sales and build loyalty among purchasers is the use of promotions and discounts. Retailers need adjustable POS solutions that run and track promotion campaigns. Point of Sale system software needs to allow them to create promotions of any type, include products or customers, target specific group of customers or specific products. The POS systems need to be programmable for specific periods and time so discounts are automatically applied and deactivated when the date is not valid. What is even more important is that created promotions and discounts must be transmitted to the stores (as soon as possible) to scale down time-to-market.
Best deal promotions and discounts are well accepted by customers. The POS system automatically finds the best deal for the customers depending on the selected product. This method helps to build confidence between the retailer and the customer which will certainly have an impact on sales. Point of Sale system solutions should be able to manage email campaigns as promotions are usually communicated to purchasers by a text or an email with the printed ticket included.

Sell Anywhere with Point of Sales Systems for Small Business

The ability to move your POS system around your store is a small but significant change that can improve the shopping experience for your customers. New generation Point of Sale systems are the perfect device to help you maximize sales and grow your profits. Their customer-centric nature, advanced technology, and flexibility empower retailers to understand customers’ expectations ensuring that they complete the sale and build profitable relationships with purchasers.