Top 3 Multi-Channel Ecommerce Software Comparison

Multi-Channel Ecommerce

It’s a desire of every business owner to wake up each morning with new sales. A small business can handle retailing through single channel.  But as soon as your business expands, order volumes increase and with it you need to make your products available to your customer where they want to purchase them.  In that case, choosing a single channel to market your products could be a cumbersome task. So, here the concept of multi-channel selling comes. In multi-channel selling, retailers use more than one sales channel to increase sales. But by doing so, it exposes inventory through all of them. Since, each channel requires their own set of processes to handle product listings, orders, billing, and shipping, thus makes it so difficult to have a holistic view of your business. It seems more like you’re running multiple businesses.

With so many channels, there are many risks such as, overselling, missing big orders, and negative feedback.  Multi-channel enterprise commerce platforms provide solution for all our concerns. A single multi-channel ecommerce platform has ability to integrate with different marketplaces, web stores, and so forth.


It’s a UK- based multi-channel ecommerce solution to retailers since 2012. No matter if you have various channels to sell your products, since ChannelGrabber has simplified the whole process of multi-channel online selling. All the stock is automatically synced and sold everywhere. Time to dispatch orders becomes much lesser. This software is designed to save retailer’s time, boost sales and improve customer’s feedback due to its fully integrated system. Through its single user interface and centralized location, online retailers can efficiently streamline their online selling process.


With this ecommerce software, you can send your product information to variety of channels in order to describe your products in marketplaces. This platform helps you connect with more consumers which boost sales on dozens of various e-commerce marketplaces. With their analytics and features, internet retailers can get a competitive edge too.


Brightpearl is a multi-channel retail management system that offers you real-time financial insights about your business, including inventory, sales and purchasing. This cloud-based software helps retailers to gain control of inventory and cash efficiently.


To manage inventor y is no easy task.  It is one of the challenges that can keep retailers awake all night. However, availability of various multi-channel ecommerce platforms has made it all easy to do multi-channel selling successfully.