Top Multi Channel Retail Software’s

Top Multi Channel Retail Software’s
  1. Brightpearl

Brightpearl helps small businesses to combine inventory management with accounting. It offers its retailers everything they need, inventory management being at the top of their list. Even though Brightpearl is known as one of the top retail software’s it has certain drawbacks. Unfortunately Brightpearl does not have the complexity for proper order management, shipping, billing and messaging. Even though their inventory management is great, their pricing is not apparent which creates a lot of inconvenience.
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  1. ChannelAdviser

With the help of their technological abilities, ChannelAdviser provides medium to large size businesses with various e-commerce and channel management solutions. It also provides help with re-pricing, content optimization, and a lot more. ChannelAdvisor is also known for its inventory management and order management tools. However, its automation process in e-commerce is limited and therefore it might have to be combined with another software. Another drawback of ChannelAdviser is that it is very pricey and quite time consuming as well.

  1. ChannelGrabber

ChannelGrabber is a UK based software and has been providing an e-commerce solution since 2012. They have two main products; ChannelGrabber Classic and ChannelGrabber. The e-commerce solution offers inventory management and order management, shipping, billing, automated listing and a lot more. ChannelGrabber offers a free trial in the start and their pricing range is quite cost-efficient. The major drawback is that it lacks quite a few native integrations for the marketplace.

  1. CloudCommerce

CloudCommerce provides various multi channel retail tools such as order management, shipping, inventory management and a lot more. Another benefit of CloudCommerce is also that it is well integrated with all the web store platforms, accounting, marketplaces etc. On the other hand, drawbacks for using CloudCommerce include no free trial, which would mean that the user would have to check out the demo. The software system is quite pricey with the fee being £200 per month and since it is hard to understand, training would be required to access the software.

  1. Orderhive

Like the other softwares, Orderhive also provides a variety of multi channel tools, such as shipping and inventory management. Orderhive is also known to be cost effective as their monthly fee begins with $50 only. It also integrates with the usual marketplaces and mostly US based channels. When starting at a low price, Orderhive has lots of restrictions such as tracking. It also charges an extra fee for shipping and invoicing.