Top Multi Channel Retailers

Top Multi Channel Retailers
  1. Amazon

Amazon is one of the top retailers and is well known all over the world even though it does not have a brick and mortar store. Amazon works towards finding what the customers need and what the best is for them. Amazon has a wide range of products and it has options to filter the items so that it is easier for the customers to search the products that they are looking for.

  1. Argos

Argos is well equipped and progressing with technological advances. What’s most important about Argos is that they are more involved with engaging the customers with the brand rather than what they have on their online website. They can make products greatly available on Facebook as their posts are likely to get a million likes, proving that they are on the right track.

  1. Boots

Boots has a great strategy for marketing, it is also involved with paid searches and shopping ads. They have a high seller rating which helps them get bumped up in the search results. Moreover, they show this on their online page so that the customers have additional information available that will help them make the best decision before purchasing a product. Boots provides information regarding the delivery information which makes it much more convenient for the customers.

  1. House of Fraser

House of Fraser is usually known for creating a combination of multiple channels so that they can lower the opposing competition. They use mobile apps which are linked to the physical store. This proves that mobile apps can be a benefit to e-commerce if used properly and can set you apart from your competition.

  1. John Lewis

John Lewis is another top multi channel retailer that is usually referred to as the leader of multi channel retail. Their store foundation is not only strong in their physical store but also their online store. They believe that channels are not separated and are all connected as one. They are thus trying to be more efficient for their customers. Their investment is what makes them stand out from other platforms.

  1. Screwfix

Screwfix has recently updated their online site and they have started incorporating simpler features to increase their customers’ experience. By simply adding images in their item search they have made things so much easier and convenient for customers. Even though they do not realize it their overall shopping experience will be improved.
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